recording description ABCHD 1983 countdown. recorded no offence

Started by grampus, November 07, 2017, 04:39:34 PM

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Found a recording  that fired off this morning.  01:15.  short description in BW media list shows "No Offence."
Long description shows" classic countdown 1983."
recording is actually No offence
Looks like season 1 episode 1.  of No offence.

On a separate note,
I have 2 timers for tonight.   For the same episode of Prime suspect 6 part 2
both n the same channel. (72), both starting at 20:25.  one finishing at 22:50 the other finishing at 23:10.
The first ones shows that there has been a change in the record time that was delivered on monday 6 nov 2017. 0842
The other shows no change info.

S/w version on bw is 20170828

Ice tv version 20170617

BeyonWiz, T3