Subscription required?

Started by eafywan, August 31, 2020, 09:45:47 AM

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Just checking if a subscription is required to view the EPG on the android app? I have cancelled the subscription as we need to tighten our belts due to loss of income. We are now using the T4 autotimer function. I seem to recall that the guide was free to use for anyone but since cancelling our payment subscription, the guide is no longer updating on the app. I have removed the recorder from the account via the web log in, tried signing out of the app, and uninstalling and re-installing the app again but it won't update.



I've adjusted your account to be the free app one.  If you login to the app as an existing member it should work properly and you'll get the bi-weekly TV IcePicks emails too.  Hopefully this COVID plague will eventually go away and we can all get back on even keel again.

All the best,


Thanks, much appreciated. It is certainly wreaking some havoc.