What is happening - is this the Microsoft closed shop model "no data available"

Started by 1961russ, February 18, 2007, 06:33:42 PM

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The loss of guide data within MCE 2005 is at the point that it is ridiculous.  I have two media centre PC's both running this miserable excuse for software called MCE 2005.  I am being plagued by the "no data available" problem which i assume is something to do with the optimisation process or some other black art rubbish that Microsoft pretend is of value.  The network connections are available, the PC's are running 24 hours per day and ice is downloading, thus i can only assume that it is the MS side of the equation that is causing this.

Is there a definitive fix for this problem?  This is just all too hard and the simple idea of buying tv week and junking the whole PC based thing is looking more attractive everyday.

I have picked up the thread that there is some fix using PIMP but if this is so can you point me in the right direction and also maybe make it  a "sticky' topic that can easily be referred to?

any advice appreciated



"No Guide Data Available" normally points to the incorrect time or time zone set in Windows. Check that out and see if that fixes it.

FYI: PIMP fixes "Cannot Access the Guide" errors.

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Daniel Hall at IceTV

If you are seeing "No Data Available" for all channels then this can be either one of two things:

  • The timezone settings for the PC are incorrect, or
  • The "Add Listings to Channel" part of the setup guide has not been completed.

The steps for the "Add Listings to Channel" part can be found at http://www.icetv.com.au/setupmce.php#addlisting.