2Tune EPG

Started by fitzmooney, April 27, 2017, 12:00:49 PM

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Could we get the option of the same EPG as the HDR-7500T on the 2Tune.
It is less cluttered and you are able to bring up more info on the programs, such as actors etc.


Hi fitzmooney, I wish we could as I totally agree.  The problem is the UI/UX software is complex and once designed-in it is very expensive to change or even modify.  Compounding that problem is the small market in Australia which means we get spun off products from other countries just adapted to our TV standards, in this case a UK PVR.  So I wish I could help but we are stuck with it.  I also use one and, after some time getting used to it, I'm now happy with it.  But I only ever go to "Recordings" on my 2tune never using its EPG but using my iPhone or website for EPG and setting programmes.