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Started by hoadie, April 25, 2017, 09:11:12 AM

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I'm repeatedly getting Parental PIN Required / Channel Blocked messages despite my parental controls being set to None.

It's mostly on Channel 7 channels and affects live TV and recordings, some quite old from much earlier this year.

The problem started just before Easter - either the Thursday or Good Friday when I retuned my PVRs following the Viceland HD notice. It's not affecting my Humax.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Dave at IceTV

It sounds like you have locked those channels accidentally. On the Humax can you lock and unlock channels from the channel list that appears when you press OK while viewing live TV. But it is much easier to unlock them from the Edit Channels menu.

On the Humax go to "Menu > Settings > Edit Channels" and use the Blue button to unlock the locked channels, then press exit and answer yes to save the changes.

Or if the locked channels are on the Skippa go to "Menu > Settings > Channels" and use the Red button to unblock the blocked channels.

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Customer Service


Hi Dave,

I think some time ago I'd blocked some channels on the Skippa, getting confused between blocking and disabling. I think I was trying to hide channels like TVSN. All was working ok for me until the rescan just before Easter though so maybe the rescan shuffled the order of some channels around?

Anyway, your instructions above fix it, all working normally now, thanks so much!