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Started by Gleen Globes, February 01, 2007, 12:24:39 AM

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Gleen Globes

As a current user of Mac OS X 10.4 & EyeTV I have become interested in MythTV as I believe I bought my iMac G5 20" when I should have bought MythTV!! (had I been aware of Linux/Ubuntu/MythTV when I first purchased my iMac set up :( )

What I want to know is - Does the Series Recording offered by IceTV PIMP work in MythTV? There is currently only the option for Elgato EyeTV & Microsoft MCE.

If the above is available I will convert my iMac to KnoppMythTV immediately (If MythTV can read DVB signal from EyeTV 410??)

P.S. Unrelated but anyone know if MythTV can read FM radio signal from a radioSHARK antenna?? ;)


Currently we don't have PIMP support for MythTV, sorry.

Gleen Globes


I cant get this to work at all. There is nothing in the device selection box. Do I have to actually go thru the create account process from within PIMP, ( i have already done this with the normal icetv installer and dont want to do it again if i dont have to)


wrong thread


Quote from: Gleen Globes on February 01, 2007, 04:53:37 PM
Any plans to do so?
There's no plans right now, but if we did add PIMP to another pvr/media center solution, Myth would certainly be at or near the top of the list.


There could be a licensing issue at work here. MythTV is GPL licensed, whereas the PIMP protocol and implementation are proprietary closed source.

There's probably some way of making it work, but binary distributions of a MythTV PIMP client are unlikely to be practical in terms of maintenance effort.