2 Dead SKIPPAs

Started by TimC, December 20, 2020, 11:25:11 PM

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I now have two dead Skippas and I am hoping someone has a solution. Both have the same problem.
I turn them on and they go through the lengthy startup and get to Initialising PVR and that's as far as they get.
Obviously the display chip is working, but something prevents them from completing the initialisation.
Before they died they started restarting often.
I wonder whether removing the HD formating it in my PC would help? What type of format. I assume the operating System is contained in a separate partition.
Any ideas?
Failing a solution can someone recommend a replacement.
Is there anything out there with Add Skip?
I'd be looking for something with 1TB drive (or more) and more than two tuners.
Toppy, 2400, Toppy 2460, Skippa