Why doesn't it work

Started by why, April 27, 2005, 07:13:59 PM

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I've been reluctant to mention this - waiting for someone else to volunteer their problem but I'll jump in and tell someone that I can't get ice tv to work.

I loaded it and ran it for about a week and was mildly happy with the result, (although I was annoyed at the delayed button response and the disappointingly slow start-up sequence - not to mention the very annoying screen that comes up every time you hit the exit button) [boy this is sounding more like a whinge with every word]  but none of that compares to the fact that for the last two weeks I get no epg data whenever icetv is turned on.

Is it just me? - has the system crashed and noone is telling us? I am one of the early adopters who happily paid the full dollars and I'm wanting to know what the hell is going on.


No, there are no problems that we know of.  To start diagnosing the problem, could you tell us the version of loader (running on the PC) and TAP (running on the Toppy) you are using.

If you'd like a speedier resolution you can phone our tech support number 1300 654 803 up 'til 9pm

Regaring the menu appearing if you press the exit key when already in exit mode, the next release of the application will include a method for choosing a different key for acessing this menu.


Sorry for getting back to you so late, especially after my initial exasperated email.

I have been away from my system for a few days and am only now able to collect the data you requested to analyse the problem.

My Toppy Firmware version is Dec 06, 2004

My ICE EPG Loader Build is 0331.1432

My Iceguide 4 Topfield PC software version is V1.72

I run no other TAP's on the Toppy

As I mentioned, I can download from the ICE server and the little blue bar moves along satisfactorily (I have it set to download to the PVR automatically with the fetch)

but when all is done and I turn it off, there is no data in my epg on the Toppy screens (not even the free to air data)

Are you suggetsing I have a firmware problem or a version problem?

What should I do?  ???