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Started by MrGlozzy, June 04, 2016, 12:15:52 PM

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Hi all, I am a long time IceTV user, I signed up for a Skippa but didn't receive it and continue to support the reincarnated IceTv. They don't support or even talk about Skippa on their website anymore but my PVR just died and I note some Skippas on the 2nd hand market. Do you think it's worth getting one? Are they still working properly? Do they get any support and updates? Cheers

Dave at IceTV

Here are a few thoughts off the top of my head from my own experience and usage pattern. For me, the Skippa is my Plex media player and also what I use for viewing Catchup TV (Freeview Plus).

The Good Points:

  • It automatically skips ads.
  • Catchup TV works better on the Skippa than any other PVR I've tried. And Catchup TV works for all 5 catchup services (unlike other PVRs that may only have 1 or 2 catchup services or PVRs that have all 5 but only 2 or 3 of them work).
  • Plex. Skippa has access to Plex media player and it works very well.
  • Can upscale all channels to 1080P and does it very well.
  • Can set and delete IceTV series from the remote.
  • Can temporarily disable AutoSkip if you prefer to use the adjustable manual skip buttons.
  • Logitech Harmony remote controls will work with the Skippa.
  • Uses a common external power supply so power supply replacement is cheap and easy, if needed.

The Bad Points:

  • The Skippa has no warranty, no spare parts and won't get any more software updates.
  • Autoskip, for some channels, needs a large pre-padding setting to detect the start of the show correctly. 10 minutes pre-padding works best. You can temporarily disable AutoSkip while viewing a recording if the Skippa thinks the whole show is an ad.
  • Occasionally, for some people, IceTV will stop working requiring restarting the Skippa from the menu. The last software update, available on this website for updating via USB stick, fixed this for 98% of owners.
  • It can run quite hot. Many owners put a USB powered fan above or beneath their Skippa.
  • Autoskip does not work on the new mpeg-4 channels (7HD, * 7flix, 9HD, Ten HD). You can set your series that are on 7, 9 or 10 to "Prefer SD" to force them to be recorded on 7, 9 and 10 - if AutoSkip is more important than picture quality to you. Otherwise for recordings on mpeg-4 channels just use the manual skip buttons like you would on any other PVR.
  • Streaming recordings to other devices is hit and miss as the Skippa's DLNA server lists some shows that can't be played (shows that were deleted or don't exist).
  • There is no YouTube.
  • The hard drive can be too noisy for light sleepers if the Skippa is in their bedroom.
  • There is a bug (that I have not tested or confirmed) where if you delete a timer it will prevent timers on that same channel from recording for the rest of that day.
* 7flix is now broadcast in mpeg-2 so auto skip now works on 7flix.

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Hi MrGlozzy,

I am a very happy Skippa owner and pretty much agree with Dave's comments.  I find ad skipping a bit hit and miss and works on some channels better than others.  The main problem I find is that Skippa was never meant to skip station promos and if these are at the beginning of a break, find that it misses the following commercials or at least some of them in most cases.  I don't find this a problem as that was not a feature that drew me to Skippa and you have plenty of manual skipping options.  I personally don't have a problem with DLNA streaming with my Synology NAS unit and as Dave says, catch up TV works pretty well on all services and not just iView or SBS.  I can confirm Dave's last comment about the bug with programs not recording on a channel if you cancel an earlier recording.  Obviously with no back up of any sort you have to treat the unit with a great deal of respect but I find apart from the occasional hiccup, it is a very good PVR and as you are a long time IceTv user, it is designed specifically to work with this EPG.


I like my Skippa overall but hate how it reboots from time to time (some times two to three times a night - and sometimes not at all)

My first Skippa was a dead loss - it froze every day and couldn't be fixed - it sits in its box ready to be used for spare parts
My second Skippa has an add on internal fan fitted - but is the one that sometimes reboots - but it works well enough to record and view programmes

As soon as I can find a decent PVR that has similar functionality I'll be buying it - until then I'll hobble along with my Skippa
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I have one that periodically freezes. My original one worked well but it fell of the shelf and it looks as if the HDMI port is damaged. Not sure if it is worth getting fixed or not. The composite output is not great. More investigation is probably needed.

I find the RCU difficult - the writing is too small for my ancient eyes.

I have experience most of the issues listed by Dave.

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I was one of the lucky ones. My Skippa very rarely reboots.
I am quite happy and use it as my primary machine.
It's a shame we didn't  have a few more months to sort out the bugs (all pretty Minor)

Add Skip works beautifully. I use it on manual though. I found that Auto often jumps a touch too soon and occasionally jumps through content. On Auto I'm often left wondering whether I missed something.
By the way Add Skip now works on 7FLIX.

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I agree with TimC, I use the skip on manual as Autoskip was jumping forward too soon almost always.  When it works it's a fabulous machine.  I've got a USB twin fan under it and it stays quite cool with that.


Dave at IceTV

Quote from: TimC on June 09, 2016, 10:42:16 PM
By the way Add Skip now works on 7FLIX.

7flix is now being broadcast in mpeg-2

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I have an as new Skippa for sale. I bought it when they promised a lifetime free subscription. Then Skippa went broke & I was not prepared to pay for a sub. It is in the original packaging & was working perfectly before they cut me off. Make me a reasonable offer & I will sell it to you. Note that postage would be $10.05 parcel post or $13.90.