Southern Cross & Win TV Crossover 1 July

Started by mcharltonau, June 27, 2016, 05:27:54 PM

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Thanks Tiphanee,

Yes, you are correct. I thought 9Life had already started broadcasting but it doesn't start until 17 July. And silly me, TVSN is just another shopping network (I thought it was something else), so you can ignore that one too. I'll go back to sleep and stop wasting your time. Thanks for the quick reply!


Dave at IceTV

Quote from: kbosward on July 10, 2016, 01:36:19 PM
To be specific, 9Life and TVSN (TVS) are on the NSW-Wollongong page, but they don't have the correct LCNs available.

The NSW-Wollongong page is missing GOLD, ishoptv, RACING.COM and Aspire, but I don't care about those :)


Hi Ken,

TVSN (TV Shopping Network) is a shopping channel the same as GOLD, ishoptv and Aspire - and IceTV has never provided a guide for shopping channels (or datacasting / infotainment channels like and tv4me). 

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