Toppy2400 rebooting in Sydney

Started by MilkyWhite, June 03, 2016, 08:26:59 PM

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New to this forum.
At the risk of flogging a dead horse, I'd just like to report that my Toppy2400 was continuously rebooting when Ice TV was enabled.
I reset the channel mapping and got rid of duplicates. I made sure it matched the settings in my Ice TV account. That didn't fix it. (Though this was the trick I used a few weeks ago when the same thing happened).907
I disabled plenty of channels that I didn't need in the Ice TV account, including the defunct TVS. That didn't help.
I then disabled ABC2 in my Ice TV account and this fixed it.
I suspect there is something dodgy in the EPG for ABC2 in Sydney.
It would be great if someone could look into this.
Thanks for all the good info.


I noticed the same problem tonight with my Toppy 2400.  I was able to fix it by disabling the HD options for 9, 10 & SBS.  Since I disabled these duplicate channels (I still have the SD versions for them) the Toppy has stopped reloading every few minutes.  Don't know why it had just started happening as this problem didn't seem to exist last week. 


Have you updated to the January 2016 firmware which deals with some issues that may be causing what you are seeing. Also check out the oztoppy wiki ( for things that can go wrong when you do a firmware update.

I have not had rebooting since I disabled some services in my IceTV account.

Other causes of rebooting are discussed here:

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