EyeTV records unreliable in past few weeks

Started by rtraill, March 22, 2015, 11:52:08 AM

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After a very long time of flawless recordings EyeTV (iMac 2012 latest Yosemite updates) is now not recording properly.  Initially it was missing schedules (schedule and program in guide but no recording, schedule still listed) now it is starting the recordings but then the recordings run for 8 hours or more when the show was only an hour).  I have deleted the program and schedules and redownloaded them from IceTV, installed the latest version of EyeTV (same version number but latest build).  Any thoughts or anyone else having these problems?

Leon K

Hi rtraill,

A couple of questions to help narrow the problem down:

When did this behaviour start to occur?

When it was initially not recording the scheduled timers, was your Hard drive full?

When you installed the new version, did you save the preferences from the old installation and then restore them?

It may be un-related, but please try moving the Hybrid to a different USB port on the mac and rebooting (not a secondary USB like a keyboard or hub but directly connected to the mac itself).