Eye TV 2.3.3 Update available

Started by AndrewT, December 22, 2006, 05:45:01 PM

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Not yet available on the EyeTV software update but can be found here at http://www.elgato.com/downloads/eyetv233update.dmg

Have already installed it but at this stage,cannot see any obvious changes

Enjoy anyway & Merry Christmas to everyone at IceTV and on the forum


Cheers :)

2.3.3 is supposed to include a fix for using the Diversity + Diversity remote control. I'm not sure what other goodies are in there.


Bug fixes:
Problems with digital audio output have been corrected.
A problem recognizing newer revisions of the Twinhan DTV Alpha Mac has been fixed.
A problem with Miglia TVMax in Poland has been fixed.
A problem with EyeTV 250 running in Game Mode for over 13 hours has been eliminated. This would have been fun to test!
A problem with modem and PPPoE connections and remote scheduling has been fixed.
EyeTV contains new firmware for EyeTV Diversity that fixes a problem with the EyeTV infrared remote control.
A problem with EyeTV Diversity when waking from sleep has been fixed.
Support for dual audio (Zweikanalton) with EyeTV 250 has been fixed.
A problem where the Mac could go to sleep during an exhaustive Auto-Tune has been fixed.
A problem with moving the playhead using cursor keys in the EyeTV Editor has been fixed.