Possibility of adding program thumbnails for programs in wmc.

Started by denny09, March 08, 2016, 12:57:27 PM

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Would you consider adding thumbnails to be included inside your xml files so that they are shown inside wmc and in emby theatre.

I am at work currently but tonight I will update the post to show you the example of hdhomerun dvr service that has all the thumbnails I have asked them can their service be used in third party software but they said unfortunately they can't.

Not sure how complicated this is and it would probable need a legal opinion I guess.

I have found an app yesterday called MCImportXMLTV and it can be configured to connect to metadata service providers. I have managed to get most shows unfortunately it doesn't have all Australian shows. 

I think to get new customers you should consider adding thumbnails I think it just adds additional service level and it looks so cool to have it in wmc and emby. 

Thank you


I guess since no reply that it is safe to assume it can't be done. What a shame as it would have been very useful it just adds a bit extra to the tv guide.

Maybe in the future it will be added I can only hope. 

Dave at IceTV

Quote from: denny09 on March 10, 2016, 04:28:29 PM
I guess since no reply that it is safe to assume it can't be done. What a shame as it would have been very useful it just adds a bit extra to the tv guide.

Maybe in the future it will be added I can only hope.

We looked at doing some nice things with Media Center a few years ago but after being unable to get any help or support from Microsoft we had to give up. With Microsoft now dropping Media Center it is extremely unlikely that there'll be any nice updates like thumbnails.

I'm surprised someone else hasn't done it years ago, when Media Center was shiny and new. Maybe it's wasn't possible without Microsoft's help.

Doesn't emby have thumbnails for movies and TV shows? If not I'd suggest switching to Kodi.

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Hi Dave,

Thank you for the detailed reply. Emby provides screenshots and the rest of metadata for movies and it is excellent it didn't do it in the start until I removed the prefix Movies in icetv settings.

I found out a product called MCImportXMLTV  from http://mcefun.nrossen.dk/. I was able to set it up it uses webget to download icetv xmltv file and then it downloads metadata from thetvdb.com and themoviedb.org it worked very well it picked up some Australian shows but one issue is I had is that when it downloaded the guide data again the next day it stopped my recording and wasn't able to press record. Pressing record doesn't do anything.  I recalled that I had a similar error long time ago with wmc. As that pc is used for live tv I don't have much time to tinker. I will try again.

From reading it is an extra code in xmltv <icon src="http://complet_url"/>  and in the mxf it is imageUrl="http://www.fakeurl.com/images/image1.jpg" />
      <GuideImage id="i2" uid="!Image!XYZNetworkLogo"  source https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/dd776338.aspx

The only issue is that you are providing a commercial product so there could be a charge to access it or that you have to contribute I don't know it has to be asked. It is one of those things whether it will bring in new customers so far I have recommended 4 people ICETV just it would be awesome to have that facility I will ask emby can they get the thumbnails for tv guide in USA all that is provided through schedules direct. I am sure mediaportal and other opensource software could make use of it not just emby.

You should try emby for your self and see that it is a awesome product and it is getting better and better the best is if you have an issue the community is really helpful and the main developer always replies. The issue and suggestions I had are nearly all taken on board and issues fixed.

Thank again

Daniel Hall at IceTV

We have just released the documentation for the IceTV API so this would now be a possibility for someone to implement.

More details at http://forum.icetv.com.au/iceforum/announcements/4/icetv-api-documentation/5065/



Thanks Daniel

I will let developers of emby know about this.