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Started by Welt, April 18, 2005, 01:37:33 PM

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Gday All

First time post. I have recently bought a Hauppauge Nova-T PCI card for my PC as well as a copy of Showshifter with the intent of using it and IceTV to setup a PVR. I'm going to also hook the whole thing up to my TV using the TV-out port on my video card and the  s-video connection on the TV.

I haven't bought the IceTV guide yet - want to get the whole thing setup first but sounds like this all may just kind of work.

Will post some updates on the forum as I go along and probably have a few questions for you along the way



Should work fine Welt.  We have exactly that setup as a testbed here at Ice mission control.  I trust you've read the howto under Support on our site.

Peter Vogel


Hit my first snag - seems my apartment has absolutely crap external antenna reception. In fact even when using rabbit ears I was unable to get the supplied software with the card to lock onto any stations. Works fine with analog TV with my other TV card.

I'm going to try again tonight with an aerial extension to outside my apartment on the balcony to see if I can get some reception.

Can anyone recommend a decent internal digital antenna? (BTW I live in Surry Hills so I should have no signal strength issues as I should be in reach of the Kings Cross & Gore Hill transmitters)



Todays Update

Went to Dick Smith and bought a 10m quad shielded aerial extension cable to see if I could do something with the reception problem. No luck with the supplied software and the Hauppage card. Still no channels coming up even though some channels showed 100% signal strength. Tried with my trial copy of Showshifter and all channels tuned in fine with my connection to the external aerial. What a difference a decent cable makes.

No luck with TVOut from my card to my Tele - doesn't work at all - no juy after stuffing around for 2 hours with it late last night.

What's next

I'm going to get familiar with the showshifter app - strange interface but it's growing on me. Looks like it has lots of tweakable settings under the bonnet if you dig a little.

Then I'm going to signup for a trial IceTv sub and test it autoupdating.

Figure out my TVout issue - suggestions welcome


Daniel Hall at IceTV

Good to hear that Showshifter is running well for you Welt.

I do have a question though, what video card are you using ?




Suppose it is about time I gave the system specs I'm working with

Dimension 8300 2.8Ghz
Nvidia Geforce 5200 with TVout
19" Dell Ultrasharp display
Altec Lansing 5.1 Kick Ass Speakers

TV is a Philips 78cm 100hz flat screen I won a few years back.

Update after the last few days is I finally got the TVout working - found a good link that showed me what to do.

Now I have to figure out how to connect my standalone DVD to it now the PC is taking the S-Video slot.

Almost there - I'm away for the long weekend so I'll signup for an IceTV sub (can I get a trial?) when I get back on Wednesday

Cheers All