Another V8 Supercar subtitle error...

Started by whitford, November 21, 2006, 07:21:03 PM

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Guys.. another error.  Subtitile is repeated for fri / sat. Pls.. give different subtitle, otherwise MCE won't record.


Madeleine IceGuide

Have renamed V8 episodes, as follows:

Round 12: Bahrain 1 (for Friday night)
Round 12: Bahrain 2 (for Saturday night)
Round 12: Bahrain 1&2 (for Sunday)
Note: as this is a replay of both races, it will be repeat flagged.

This should fix it. Cheers


Thanks.... could you please note this somewhere, as every  single race when there are more than 1 races shown on TV, ICETV always forget to do this...