IceTV app on iOS 8 - broken?

Started by Chuckles, September 17, 2014, 08:28:30 PM

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Have IceTV tested and/or updated their app for the looming iOS 8?

I've sent an e-mail about this previously but I've not had a response.

The app is not working on my iPad under iOS 8 - it can download the EPG data, etc. but attempting to create or change a timer results in an alert - "You need an active internet connection to perform this action.".


Both my Ipad and Iphone were OK after IOS8 u/g just now.
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It wasn't working last week and it wasn't working yesterday (or in the intervening period), even after deleting the app and re-installing it.

Today it's working fine...  ???

I'm not aware of any related changes on my end - but its working so I'm happy.


The app is broken here on my iPad air running 8. As soon as you try to select a channel a box appears saying select day and it freezes. Quitting the app and restarting it simply takes you back into the frozen view as stated above. Rebooting the iPad fixes it, but if you try to select a channel again the app freezes again. As yet I haven't tried to do any other operations but I'm hoping it doesn't freeze when I try to program a show in  :(

Edit, just tried programming a show and it worked fine as does all other operations apart from trying to select a channel to view which freezes three app and the only fix is to reboot the iPad
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Tried deleting the app and reinstalling but that hasn't fixed it. As soon as you try to use either button, channel or time, a window appears saying select day and the app freezes

I'm hoping that icetv are reading this thread and they issue an update to sort this problem out
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They sent out an e-mail on Friday which said:

QuoteApple has just released an iOS software update. We have received some feedback that the IceTV app has compatibility issues on devices that have been updated to iOS 8.

An update to the IceTV app that fixes these issues will be available for download from the App Store within the next week.

I'd still post any specific bugs here though, just in case they've not seen it yet.


No email received here as yet but thanks for posting about it
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Does anyone know if this issue has been resolved. My 8.1.2 iPhone is having issues with the app. It wouldn't download program updates and wouldn't let me set up new recordings. I tried to reset it as per the advice from the app, but no luck. So I deleted the app and reinstalled. But this time it wouldn't let me login. Tried many times. And this is using the same login credentials that work on the website. Very confused now. Would love to know what to try next. thanks

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Quote from: nbridle on August 26, 2015, 09:13:39 PM
And this is using the same login credentials that work on the website.

The website uses your Member ID (username) but the phone apps use the Email Address that is in your IceTV account.

For example, if your username is bob and the email address in your IceTV account is, and the password is 1234

To log in to the website and on older PVRs
username: bob
password: 1234

To log in on the phone apps and on a newer PVRs
password: 1234

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