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Started by 1961russ, November 10, 2006, 12:17:51 AM

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Hi Ice

Have been efficiently added to the PIMP beta program, many thanks for that, but each time i attempt to "test settings" i get the (500) Internal Server Error message, user name etc is correct so any help appreciated

best regards

Daniel Hall at IceTV

This sounds like you haven't set up a device under the Options tab in PIMP.

Also the first device that you setup will need to have a device ID of "0".

The steps for setting this up are:

1. Login to the PIMP page on the IceTV website. This can be reached directly from :
    Web Browsers â€"
    Mobile Phones â€"
2. Click on the “Options” tab.
3. Select “Add Video Recorder”.
4. Leave device number set to 0 (in the future you will be able to have multiple devices on one account).
5. Enter a name for your device (e.g. Loungeroom).
6. Select Microsoft MCE as Make and Model.
7. Click “Add”.

Once this is done if you try to "Test Settings" again it should work fine.



Thanks Daniel

surprising how well things work if you read the instructions!!!

best regards