Am I posting in the right place? :-\

Started by csutak40, October 18, 2015, 09:31:12 PM

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I have been receiving failure emails, but don't really understand what they mean

Show Name:    Catalyst
Channel:    ABC
Time:    2015-10-20 20:00:00
Duration:    30
Device Label:    Win7
Device Type:    Microsoft Windows 7
Message from recorder:    Failed - Not found in EPG
Last Updated:    2015-10-17 09:02:09

What does that mean, exactly?  I had a look, the shows involved (there are a few, exactly the same) seem to have no conflicts, do have an exclamation mark in the yellow triangle next to them.  I have now rescheduled them...  So far so good.
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Dave at IceTV

Your Media Center may have downloaded those schedules before it had updated the guide. This possibly happened because the guide stopped being updated for a few days

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