Is it dead already?

Started by csutak40, October 14, 2015, 07:44:43 PM

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My lack of technical know how is such, that I never did know how things work, they just do..

So, I have a couple of things set up to record daily.  If I look in "MyWeek on the IceTV page, they are still showing (well, till next Monday) with a red dot, except they didn't record yesterday, or today.

What I am not sure of if this is a coincidence, (my Media Centre does miss recording things occasionally) or to do with the demise of IceTV?  Could someone with more knowledge than I have enlighten me please?
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I'd say it was your MediaCentre.
Mine are still recording, but due to the demise of the great guide data, the recordings for next week are useless.
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