Thanks and farewell... and welcome back!

Started by Dave at IceTV, October 13, 2015, 06:51:12 PM

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Dave at IceTV

UPDATE: See IceTV Resurrected

IceTV as a TV guide and smart recording service almost survived. But a number of vital employees declined to take up the offer of working for the new version of IceTV so it's all over. Everything needed to produce and supply a hand curated TV guide with smart scheduling still exists, except the necessary staff.

Colin O'Brien and his family want to thank everyone for their support over the last 10.5 years. Without the many loyal customers IceTV wouldn't have lasted as long as it did or been as popular as it was.

I personally want to thank all those who have been supportive of me and offering kind words over the last week.


Customer Service


I would like to say thanks for your support over the years.
The product was/is excellent.
It will be sorely missed.
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That's terrible news for you guys Dave, hope the future holds a new opportunity for you all.


Thanks Dave.

While I was unwilling to support the proposed idea, I do appreciate everything that the service and staff have done for me over a number of years. I've bought a brilliant device that continues to work for me, and will continue to work for me even after all is said and done. I'm upset on behalf of those who bought a Skippa, as it seems not only are they out of pocket, but also have a device (if they were lucky enough to receive it) that will not even be able to be used without the guide. Hopefully there is a way to overcome this.

Good luck for the future, it's really unfortunate that it was not able to succeed.


Sorry to hear this, it's not good for you guys who work/ed at IceTv, my best wishes to all of you in the future.

How, much longer will the epg keep running?  Not much longer I'd assume.  :(


Quote from: Cashie on October 13, 2015, 07:11:06 PM
That's terrible
news for you guys Dave, hope the future holds a new opportunity for you all.

All I can do is agree.  I  feel very sorry for both the staff and us, users.  I also want to thank you personally for all your help over the years.  As angry as I got at IceTV recently, I always knew that it wasn't the staff's fault and sympathised with the conditions they had to work under
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Sorry to hear this - for the sake of yourself and the rest of the team. Life will continue without IceTV, it just won't be as good!


Quote from: kazz on October 13, 2015, 07:27:33 PM
... How, much longer will the epg keep running?  Not much longer I'd assume.  :(
I imagine that the Administrators kept it running so it could be sold as a going concern. With the prospect of a buyer now looking remote, I don't think the Administrators have any reason to keep it going. I'd be very surprised if anything was running much after the Friday creditor's meeting.
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Thanks for everything Dave, best of luck in your future, and too all those ICE staff affected by this.


Very sad to see icetv go... :-[
Thanks to Dave and others who kept it going while it lasted


A very sad day.

First for those at IceTV who are now out of a job, then for those of us who used the service.

I have been revisiting the FTA guide in Media Center and it really does show how good a job the guys at IceTV did. Their show names were consistent and reliable so the series recordings rarely missed - can't say that about the naming lack-of-convention in the FTA guide. It's almost like they want to break series recordings.

My best to all those at IceTV. Thanks for such a great service this past decade.


I also want to add a note of thanks to the staff at IceTV. These must have been very difficult times for all of you, I guess the only positive is that now there's a degree of certainty moving into the future.

I'm a long time supporter of IceTV and really enjoyed the smart scheduling service (and the witty program descriptions of eye-rolling shows like ACA and Today Tonight!)  I will definitely miss it.

All the best for the staff and their families.



Quote from: Nixay on October 13, 2015, 10:00:20 PM
All the best for the staff and their families.
+1 from me.   Thanks Dave x.

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Being a member since 2009 I've found the service impeccable.  Not sure what to do now. :(
A daily check of recordings and scheduling of recordings available from all over the world. 
Especially liked the new/repeat indication.

Feel for all you guys and wish you all the best for the future ... It sure sucks!!!!

Greg B
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wow, just looked for my signup email, January 2008.

Australian EPG data will be in a sad state now. IceTV is the reason Australian networks broadcast over the air the data they do.

Hopefully someone will rise out of the ashes to keep the buggers honest.