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Started by stretch4x4, September 29, 2015, 10:59:51 PM

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Gday all,

Not familiar with simple machines forums but on other forums I use, there is a button / link you can click which will take you to the latest post you haven't read in a particular thread.. I can't seem to find that button on this forum..

There is a last post button but that takes you to the end and skips over stuff you may not have read..
I find it really useful because posts may have moved on to a new page since you last read and the link takes you to the last post in the previous page you hadn't read allowing you to follow the conversation easier..

If the button does exist can someone point me in the right direction.. And if it doesn't any possibility of getting it added?



The orange "new" box next to the topic title in the topic list is clickable and does just what you're asking for.
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Cheers, I had that dawn on me today  :-[. Haven't seen enough new posts to test it properly but makes sense.