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Started by Mantorok, October 05, 2015, 12:58:56 PM

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I'd like to see the Channel Favourites feature redesigned.  In its current form I find it's not very useful.


Ideally a user should be able to define multiple Favourites, each with their own unique name that the user specifies. eg. You may want one for all channels, another for the channels you watch, maybe another for your spouse and perhaps another for the radio channels. So the names might be: All, Fred, Wilma & Radio

The FAV button will be used to select a particular Favourite.  Each press will cycle through the defined Favourites (ie. not the channels within a Favourite). eg. All -> Fred -> Wilma -> Radio -> All. The Channel Up/Down buttons will cycle through the channels defined for the currently active Favourite.  The currently active Favourite should be shown somewhere on the screen temporarily (perhaps the Info bar).


The user will maintain the Favourites in Setup/Settings. Options to add, delete or modify a Favourite are available. When defining the channels within a Favourite perhaps show a list of available channels on the left and the ones selected on the right.  From here user can move channels from one side to the other.

When selecting channels to be added to a particular Favourite the user should be able to order the channels however they like.  ie. Not numerically by LCN.

Harmony Remote:

I noticed the FAV button is not defined in the Logitech Harmony database. Can someone at IceTV please add it.