Scheduling Series Recording

Started by stretch4x4, October 01, 2015, 07:04:09 PM

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Apologies if this bug has already been raised (it is probably related to one already raised) but thought I should log it anyway..

Whenever we try to schedule a series recording it raises a dialog saying scheduling series recording
QuotePlease wait while the series recording '<show title>' is scheduled with the iceTV server. This may take a few minutes.

It certainly does 10 minutes later and it hasn't gone away and I generally restart the skippa at that point because you can't do anything while it is up :(
You can put into standby to make it go away but it comes back the next time you try to do something in the menus (eg restart the skippa)

Pretty sure it generally doesn't actually ever reach the server because it doesn't add it to my series on the website either.


I have not seen this on the one occaision I have set a series recording on the SKIPPA. I usually set SKIPPA recordings from my PC.

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Yeah we set a couple on the phone and web but they were a bit slow to sync and the windows phone app has a few quirks, so we thought it would be more reliable on the skippa itself but not so much so far..

The skippa must have done something though, I just got a failed recording email..

QuoteChannel with the id (1675) is not found in STB

Oh well hopefully an update will fix it soon


I have tried several times to add series recordings which appear as set in My Favorites and My Week and then the next time you look they have disappeared.  It appears that it is a known bug as I got this from Dave: 'Note: Don't set any series yet for shows that currently aren't on in the next week (until the next software update arrives).'  However I have also had this problem with programs that are currently on air.