Catchup Quality

Started by gas667, September 30, 2015, 04:40:43 PM

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Watched a movie last night on SBS Catchup. Something I used to do on my Xbox One. The quality was quite poor.

I checked my net speed from the Xbox One and it was about 9mbps which should be more than enough. Both devices are attached to the same AC Wifi Extender. I only get this problem if the net speed is down around 1-2Mbps.

Hopefully this will be a one off as the Catchup was the reason I went for the Skippa. It may well have been a poor quality movie but it was only 10 years old.

On a different matter the movie broke 4 times for a SBS ad then returned to the movie after a quick look at the opening intro shot of the movie with the Studio name. I have seen adds in SBS Catchup before but not this many and not so badly. I don't think it is a Skippa problem. Otherwise I think the Catchup works quite well. So far.

I'll watch anther program tonight and see if it repeats. May check the same movie as well.