7500T has a rest again

Started by dcoggins, September 26, 2015, 05:44:45 PM

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Seems a bit quiet here lately - have users given up on their Humax? Or are they all working well?

I just had a repetition of a weird problem. There was a power outage and the Humax didn't come back on. Wouldn't restart, or boot up at all. The unit was still warm, so power supply was working, but no sign of any other life, no response to any buttons.

I had the same thing happen before, so I dragged out my old Toppy and fired it up. After 24 hours I tried the Humax again, and Lo!! It came up as normal and everything is OK, just like it was saying "is there a problem??"

Very strange! Has anyone else had that trouble? Or is it one of those problems which seem to be exclusive to me?


Doctor Whatuwant

Hey dc.

I don't have an answer but I'm replying so you don't feel like the forum has expired. My Humax is still going strong, has never missed a beat. Having said that, I'm not a high end user and also am network connected via cable rather than wireless. Maybe that's the Hummy's sweet spot.

Hope yours continues to power on!


Leon K

Hey Guys,

From our side we are still feeding many Humax 7500T's, and they are all working as usual :)


My 7500T has been a joke.
The front display randomly doesn't work, the unit randomly locks up, the unit randomly fails to record and the unit randomly stops downloading the IceTV guide.
I have exchanged units 3 times (first one had a very noisy fan, the second one had the intermittent front display and now this one)..
I purchased about 12months ago and I guess it is still inder the 24 month warranty mentioned on the box, I emailed Humax and they were not interested in helping me resolve the problem (I asked for an exchange or a refund)... Pretty disappointed I went with a Humax to be honest.
Just looked at their Facebook page and it appears plenty are whinging about the 4tune too...  :-[