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Started by Draadnor, July 18, 2015, 03:44:08 PM

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I apologize if there is a thread for this already but I was wondering if you have released any Skippa's to be reviewed by external agencies (such as Gizmodo, Cnet, Engadget etc)?

Dave at IceTV

Not yet, but I believe that reviewers will get to test a SKIPPA very soon.

Customer Service


Thanks Dave, for obvious reasons I would hope to read one before midnight on the 26th  ;D


I'd also be very interested to read independent reviews of the device - is this likely to happen any time soon?


Don't want to be a pessimist, but beginning to think that nothing is going to happen anytime soon....


Well that was why I asked. If they were serious about creating a bit of buzz about the Skippa then they would have sent a unit to the reviewers well before the pre-order date finished. Even if it was a bit buggy they could have pointed out that it was a "beta" unit running early firmware.

The fact that they haven't done this reflects poorly on them or perhaps shows a lack of faith in the product.

I've been looking for a product to replace my ailing Topfield Masterpiece but I certainly won't be putting money down until I see some independent reviews as I've been bitten by pre-orders in the past.


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