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Started by Starionx, September 28, 2015, 10:34:22 AM

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Just received an email advising me that my IceTv subscription will expire on 2nd of October and gives a link to a page for renewals, when in fact it doesn't expire until June 28, 2019 (confirmed in 'My Tv Recorders').

Seems a bit dodgy to me. >:(

Leon K

Hey Starion,

The Beyonwiz Tx series comes with a 3-month trial for non subscribers to check out and try the features of IceTV,

The expiry notice you received is from the lapsing of that individual subscription trial. Your Regular subscription is still current until 2019-06-28, and you can ignore the email that you received.

We offer a combination of the following subscription types:

- Regular (Multi device) subscriptions that support up to 10 devices, and cost currently $99 per year, or $249 for 5 years. (which you have)

- Single device subscriptions that support only 1 device and are linked to that device. The single device subscription for the Beyonwiz Tx is currently $69 per year or $199 for 5 years (or life of the Device) There is no single device subscription for the Topfields.

You can take a look at these subscriptions and our complete set on this page here:



Thank for the explanation.
Maybe a little in-house subscription checking might avoid future unnecessary emails.  ;)


I grumbled about this in email to Dave back in April. It appears not much has happened since.
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