Changing ALL recordings scheduled in IceTV to Skippa from another device

Started by injidup, July 20, 2015, 03:12:58 PM

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Is it possible to move all scheduled recordings from one device (eg "Beyonwiz" for me) to "Skippa" so I don't miss any scheduled recordings when Skippa arrives?
It would be a pain to do this one by one.


I went into MyRecorders TAB yesterday and in the drop down list of devices is IceTV SKIPPA; so all you need to do is change the device type for an existing Device Name. You then set up the device name on the SKIPPA and from MyRecorder TAB resend all timers.

If you want to copy the timers, that is a very different matter. I think I saw a post recently on how this can be done (discussion did not relate to SKIPPA).


PS I do not have a SKIPPA (yet) so I have not actually tried to do this.
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It's mostly relevant if you want to run the old and the new recorders in parallel for a while.
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Is will be keeping the Beyonwiz, but the Skippa will replace it as my main recorder, so I need my schedules copied to the Skippa.