Remote recording doesn't work - "This show is waiting to be sent to device"

Started by commsman, June 23, 2015, 10:25:13 PM

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EPG working fine but only shows set to record on WMC are actually being recorded.

Those set on Android phone say 'Episode (or Series) queued to record' but after many days, & multiple syncs, nothing.

When viewed on Ice TV website a little more info comes to light. When I click on My Week & select a show, under Recording Options it says "This show is waiting to be sent to device MediaPC"

Does anyone know how to encourage these scheduled shows to make it to my WMC?

Thanks in advance.

Leon K

Hey Commsman,

Please PM me your IceTV memberID so that I can take a look at your account..

The issue may be a corrupted record in the IceTV Interactive cache, in which case it will need to be deleted:

First close the IceTV Interactive program by right-clicking on the IceTV icon on the bottom right of the screen near the time (It's a blue circle with a white X inside) then choosing Exit.

- Open "Computer" from the start menu.
- Select your hard drive from the list of drives available.
- Open the "ProgramData" folder. If you do not see this folder you will need to turn on the showing of hidden files, follow these steps to do this:
- Click on the "Organise" button in the bar at the top of the window.
- Select "Folder and Search Options" from the menu.
- Click on the "View" tab.
- Place a dot in the box marked "Show hidden files and folders".
- Click "OK".

You should now be able to see the "ProgramData" folder.

- Open the "IceTV" folder.
- Open the "Interactive" folder.
- Delete all folders there. You should see a '3.0', a '' or '' plus a few more folders
- Run IceTV Interactive again from the start menu.

If Windows asks you to give permission for IceTV Interactive to access it's folders just answer yes.


Thanks Leon

I tried that & it still doesn't work.

PM'ed you my account details. I hope you can help from within.