Streaming File Name Errors / Mismatch

Started by warkus, October 09, 2015, 11:22:55 AM

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New bug me thinks... Don't recall seeing it on older firmware but could be wrong.

I have been recording a fair bit of stuff on the skippa now. On the box itself it seems fine, all recordings are grouped and working ok, file names or titles are correct.

So over time I have deleted some, recorded more shows, deleted some more after watching, recorded some more, etc etc and so on.

On the box I currently have 5 Big Bang Theory, 1 Auction Hunters, 2 The Chase Australia, 1 800 Words, and a heap more, but you get the idea.

When I try to download those recordings or play them from KODE, I get a totally different set of names. I have like about 10 Big Bang Theory and 3 Auction hunters for example.

When I play them back, they are other shows completely unrelated with different names altogether so I don't get it. They are correct under recorded files on the box though. This just keeps happening the more recordings I do.

Total shutdown down not change things