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Started by TT33, May 19, 2015, 12:02:24 PM

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Checked the ICETV Guide just now and most of my upcoming scheduled recordings have gone.  When I check the TV Guide they have the grey icon against them "Series Recording (show not included)", even though they are not repeats.

Anyone else have this issue?

Everything was fine yesterday.

Example - Brooklyn Nine-Nine on SBS 2 8pm tonight, was listed to record yesterday, but now has the grey icon against it.


Yes, same thing has happened to recordings set on my Beyonwiz T3.
It has been noticed and several users on the Beyonwiz forums have noted this as well.

Same symptoms as you have seen, series set to record, but particular episodes that match the recording criteria (not repeat etc) are not being flagged to record.

Updating the series recording results in the series recording being removed entirely.

Re-setting the series recording for those shows results in the timers being created correctly.

For example, I had "Good Game", "Good Game SP" and "Good Game Pocket" set as series recordings.

"Good Game" was unaffected.
"Good Game SP" had a greyed out series recording icon next to its next valid instance on Saturday.
"Good Game Pocket" had greyed out series recording icons for all valid episodes this week.

Selecting "Update series on Beyonwiz T3" and selecting the default values resulted in the series recording being deleted.
Re-creating the series recordings queued the episodes up properly.

I have not delved into any more series recordings to see which other ones may be broken.


Ok....not just me then.  I am using a Topfield 2460.


Yes, same sort of issues here. Started having trouble in the app which told me to do a reset. Now it looks like the series recordings have gone....


I've also missed some shows due to the IceTV series recordings not programming my Humax 7500T correctly. This started on Sunday Monday even though they have worked for ages. They are all on ABC channels. The programs show up in the IceTV TV Guide as grey instead of red. Being inactive they fail to be sent to the PVR.

I've now deleted the series I want to record over the next five days and reactivated them and despite some issues during this process they now all appear to be active (red) and after manually resending them they are stored in the PVR correctly.

Anyone know how this could happen and is there any way this can be avoided in the future?


This appears to be something that only happened this morning.
Nearly all of my recordings disappeared from the website.
I even had some series recording which I requested to record repeats say that the episodes were not going to be recorded.
It seems it must have been a server side glitch, which they have now corrected.
Everything returned to normal and there was no need to change any recordings.
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I just got the following from Dave at IceTV

"We are not sure exactly what happened just yet, but as it has affected a number of customers we are rerunning the process that schedules all of your recordings. Everything will be back to normal in a few hours (in time for tonight's recordings). We are very sorry if you missed any shows last night."

So it sounds like it was an issue from overnight.

All OK for my recordings though.
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Yeah...things are looking better now.  Something may have happened at about midnight as shows before then seemed to have recorded ok, but I had set Footy Classified on GEM to record after midnight (12:20am?) and it didn't record.


Had this problem.  Then the recordings came back during the day.. only to have disappeared again tonight.


+1 here, am thinking going to be missing recordings. Not going to be happy.

I reset some recordings but again cleared themselves. Biggest problem is removal from the humax. Lucky not recording anything tonight. This better be fixed tomorrow as do not want to reactivate recordings again.
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Same problem here.  IceTV is not only missing some of my recordings -- it actively stopped a couple of recordings which I manually started on my T3.  So we need the following:
*  Fix the problem ASAP tonight.
*  Reinstate all our recordings ASAP tonight.
*  Add at least a couple of days to our subscriptions.
I'm in Sydney, using a Beyonwiz T3.


All my timers are missing in the Beyonwiz and nothing has recorded tonight as a result, not sure about Monday. Also checking the iPhone app and my online account shows nothing ahead in "my week". I'd try resending timers but there are none there to send.


Spoke too soon...still seems to be issues.  :(




Same issue with my Topfield 2400.

Got home tonight to find 6pm news bulletin and most of my other timers are gone (both on machine and website).

I then got an error trying to re-schedule the programs I'm trying to fix:

Error finding info for series id: 0

This has pretty much wiped out my entire week until Sat 23/5??

I'll keep an eye for updates and log a call with support.