Recording finishes before show ends

Started by Gregmw, January 31, 2015, 06:57:06 AM

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I  have been recording the Block this week,and the recording finishes a few minuets before the show finishes ?
I was under the impression that this would not happen with ICETV ?
Is there any way to fix it ?
Thanks Greg


The commercial networks are notorious for chopping and changing start times, and hence end times for programs. So, you should always have at least 15 minutes post padding for recordings (I use 30 minutes). The usually start late rather than early.

Also, if you do not have you Toppy on 24/7 it is possible that you are missing out on updated commencement times. The Toppy has to be on for it to do a check for changes in timers.

It is also possible that the Toppy itself is misbehaving - it may be that for some reason the Toppy is spontaneously restarting thus the truncated recordings. Check out the oztoppy wiki for possible causes of spontaneous rebooting:

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Thanks Ian,

Yes ,we leave it on all the time - and I understand what you are saying about the TV channels -.

I  have ICETV on a 3 month trial - and I am really weighing up what benefits it offers for the cost..

I have read a lot about  various TAPS  that seem to perform OK.