7500T constantly restarting

Started by htdave, January 18, 2015, 08:32:18 PM

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We have a 1GB Humax HDR 7500T. It has been working well with ice, untill today. The pvr has started restarting every few minutes. Disabling ice fixes the problem. 
It appears the problem occurs when downloading the ice epg.
We already have the LCN mapped with each channel.

What else might cause it to restart?

Leon K

Hi Dave,

Thanks for contacting IceTV,

Rebooting can be caused by a software bug or a hardware fault. There can also be other causes like the following:

- Too many files on the HDD will make it reboot all the time.  e.g. If you copy  2000 music files on to the HDD it will cause rebooting.

- Can be caused by having a USB drive plugged in

- Can be caused by having PowerDVD or Twonky Media Server running on a networked PC or server.

Please could you try turning Power Saving in Standby to On:

- Go to 'Menu > Settings > System > Power Management'
- Set 'Power Saving in Standby' = ON

Do you have the latest firmware version installed?


Hi Leon,

I only have a relatively small number of files on the pvr (all videos recorded by pvr).

The only thing plugged in to the USB is the wireless adaptor.

I don't have power dvd or twonky installed on any computer.

Power saving in standby is turned on.

Currently running UHTfaa 1.08.26
loader version a7.54

The rebooting occurs as soon as i turn ice back on.


Leon K

Thanks for your reply Dave,

Could you please try moving the Dongle to a different port - ie. to the front if it is in the back and let me know if it is still rebooting?


I moved the dongle from the front port to the rear, but it made no difference.
I noticed the dongle was quite hot, so i tried leaving it unplugged, and it fixed the problem, but no dongle equals no ice.

Is it possible I need a new dongle?

Leon K

Yep, it sounds like the dongle has failed unfortunately..

The last thing you could try is to do a factory reset just in case,

- Go to 'Menu > Settings > Installation'
- Enter the default password of 0000  (unless you have changed the STB Password in Parental Control)
- Select Factory Default and press OK.
- Do NOT tick 'Format HDD'. (unless you don't mind losing your present recordings, and wish to clean the HDD)
- Select Yes and press OK.
- Enter the default password of 0000  (unless you have changed the STB Password in Parental Control)
- After the Humax restarts you will see the setup wizard.

If after completing the factory reset and setup wizard it is still rebooting when having the dongle plugged in, it's almost certainly the dongle itself that is causing the issue and would need to be replaced.

Dave at IceTV

Hi Dave,

Looking at what I believe is your account I can see that the Humax is trying to update from IceTV every 2 minutes. This is something Humax PVRs do if they are experiencing an Internet or network issue which is causing the Humax to not receive all of the data it requested from IceTV. This can happen when your ISP throttles back your download speed for going over your monthly data quota, or if there is a problem with the wireless network, including a hardware fault with the USB dongle.

A hot USB WiFi dongle normally indicates it has developed a fault. Other symptoms are that it can connect to the home network but cannot reliably download from IceTV or iView or YouTube etc.

Assuming I am looking at the right account, your Humax is still under it's 2 year warranty so you should contact Humax Australia and they will send you a replacement USB WiFi dongle.

If you purchased the Humax and WiFi dongle form IceTV, you can print your invoice details from My Orders in your account, or email support and we can send you a more detailed pdf version of your invoice:

Humax Australia Customer Support contact details:
Phone:  1300 737 937  or  03 9873 2233
E-mail:  hauservice@humaxdigital.com

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