Humax 7500T with Sonos Playbar

Started by ahpigsy, December 11, 2014, 03:03:05 PM

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Does anyone know if the Humax digital audio out works with the Sonos Playbar whilst video is connected using HDMI.  I'm considering buying the Sonos so I can stream music throughout the house whilst improving my recorded playback and TV sound.


So long as you are sending the sound to the TV it should.  Don't have one but have played with one.  If it's connected to your TV it works is their slogan

Dave at IceTV

I think ahpigsy was referring to connecting the digital audio out from the Humax directly to the sonos (as most people do when connecting a PVR to a sound system that is not an A/V receiver). i.e. HDMI cable direct to the TV for the video and TOSLINK cable direct to the Sonos for the sound. The Sonos only has 1 input so if you connected the Humax directly to the Sonos it would only work for the Humax.

If you do it the way that swamprat96 suggested. i.e. HDMI cable direct to the TV for the video and sound, and TOSLINK cable from the TV's digital audio output to the Sonos then the Sonos Playbar could be used for sound for all devices that connect to the TV, as well as the TV's own tuner.

I don't know anything about the Sonos, but if I was going to connect a TV's digital audio output to a sound system I'd want to check if either the TV or the sound system had an audio sync adjustment because some combinations can cause the audio output to be out of sync with the video being displayed.

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I also don't know much about using Sonos. However, I'm aware that it is a closed ecosystem, similar to Apple and Bose - the great American marketing models. How this translates to using with non-ecosystem components is what should be researched prior to purchase.