Galaxy S3 not booking recording on Humax 7500T

Started by aussieron, October 08, 2014, 12:38:49 PM

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When I book a recording on my Galaxy S3 it does not show up on my Humax 7500T. The red dot appears on the Galaxy and says episode queued to record but it is not sent to the Humax.

Dave at IceTV

Hi Ron,

It could just be that the show you have set to record is more than 5 days ahead. In which case the Humax will download and schedule it when it is less than 6 days ahead.

In the phone app tap on settings then Application Information. Check that the Member ID shows the same email or Member ID that your Humax is using. You can check what the Humax is using via 'Menu > Settings > Preferences > EPG Type > IceTV > Existing'.

To make sure that your Humax is updating from IceTV check the Last EPG Fetch date on the Guide Settings tab of My Account here:


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