TRF-2400 + TF7100HDPVRt reboot when logging in to IceTV (Melbourne)

Started by IanL-S, March 10, 2016, 12:05:24 PM

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Thanks Ian, edifying as always.

ABC2 was never disabled hence my trepidation to switch the other six channels back on. Although I suppose ABC2 would not have more than two channels worth of data, meaning I should be able to turn two or three back on.


You should be fine if you just disable the duplicate LCNs. I have gone a bit further than that but Dave at IceTV says that you should be OK if you do that (if I recall correctly). You need to be more circumspect in some regional areas where there are more services than in city (for example in Gold Cost you can get services from Brisbane).

Unfortunately it is hard to be definitive. The problem only arose when the last network added added a new service - so two or three service deleted should be OK.

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Dave at IceTV

A proper fix to the issue of Topfield PVRs not allocating enough memory to process the IceTV guide data needs updated firmware for the affected PVR models.

But with Topfield Australia Liquidated and Topfield International struggling to survive any new firmware updates look extremely unlikely. Topfield International held an Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on November 07, 2016 and the shareholders voted to split the B2C consumer side of the company from the B2B business side. It is too early to know what this means for consumers.

Here is part of (Google's dodgy translation of) Topfield International's News page. Words in red are very poor 'English' translations.

Ltd. Topfield (the "Company") is at the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders held on November 07, 2016, our digital set-top box business of the B2C division ( "Division Target business part") split by the Corporation Topfield International as a split estate our company is founded and bar hayeotneun determined to survive, this matter is as simple division, spin-off, our capital is not reduced despite the split matter.

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