Can't set new recordings online

Started by chrisby80, July 30, 2014, 11:45:12 PM

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Ever since around the time of the new IceTV webpage format (2 weeks or so), recordings I try to set online on the IceTV website AND the IceTV app do not work. The red button appears instantly as normal, but when going back to check it, it hasn't actually stuck. It appears as though the booking just disappears before actually being acknowledged by the system. It means that the only way I can record anything on my Toppy is manually on the unit itself, or the automatically set bookings for series recordings.

It would be good to get this problem sorted in the next week or two - I'm going abroad for a while and will be relying on remote recordings.

Dave at IceTV

Hi Chris,

Someone else contacted IceTV Support describing the exact same issue. What is happening is this:

  • You set a new recording and it appears with a red queued icon.
  • The system realises that this show does not match your settings so the icon changes to grey.
  • You can see this happen if you refresh the page, or just click on the same tab again.
Note: This has always been the way that the site behaved.

So the question is why does this show not match your settings for that series.
- Maybe it is a repeat and you have it set to "First runs only".
- Or maybe it is a repeat and we set it to "First runs only".

Can you click on that series in TV Guide, then My Week, and then Manage Shows, and each time note what the settings are showing. i.e. Network, Time, Quality, Frequency etc. They should be the same no matter where you view it from.

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