Firmware Version 1.08.22 for HDR 7500T

Started by carlprowse, July 27, 2014, 01:00:31 PM

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Has anyone loaded the latest firmware version 1.08.22?

The changes are listed as follows:
• Improved W-Lan Stick Compatibility

I find 1.08.21 has been excellent, so I am reluctant to upgrade unless there is some significant benefit.


I'll have to disagree with you there.  That version destroyed what little multimedia ability this device had. To the point I may be retiring my humax soon.  Maybe not everyone uses dlna but it lost features here with this version. But to answer your question I saw no difference between this and .21


Fair comment.

We don't use our Humax for DLNA as it cannot play all required file types. Our Samsung Smart TV struggled with some HD files via WiFi. So, we use our SonY BluRay player for DLNA.


I have upgraded to 1.08.22 and it generally seems OK except my unit will occasionally change channel by itself when watching live TV.



According to Humax this can occur when the unit is in the vicinity of a large screen TV. 


Wow. That seems odd.  You'd think a pvr would be able to be close to a tv :D. Mines within 60cm of a 50" plasma.


Quote from: wayfarer on October 06, 2014, 02:45:53 PM
According to Humax this can occur when the unit is in the vicinity of a large screen TV.

Wasn't that something to do with the sensitivity of the front panel getting interference from the TV? In fact on their Facebook page:

"If you are having random changes,
- If you can get access to the front panel option, please change from Very High (Default) down to High -> Medium -> Low and Very Low and select the level that suits your environment.
- If you are not able to reach front panel option before it switches off, temporarily move it from current location and change the level.

*If Very Low doesn't solve the problem, please check your HDMI CEC Link between HUMAX and your TV"