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Started by Tricksy, August 29, 2014, 12:39:33 PM

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Hi there

Have had problems accessing ABC iView and SBS On Demand via the Humax TV Portal in the past so have not used it much.

I see from other forum posts that others continue having been having trouble with ABC iView.

Last night I tried to watch a program from SBS On Demand via the TV portal but once it got through the initial advertisement it failed to load and the Humax locked up.

Is anything being done to address this issue?  For us the TV Portal is pretty much useless as is. :(

Dave at IceTV

Hi Tricksy,

iView has been offline for some PVR brand/models for a week or two (I expect it back very soon) but your other app issues, like SBS On Demand, seem to indicate that you have either an Internet speed/quality issue or a home network issue that is affecting the Humax's ability to reliably download data from the Internet.

If you are using the Humax WiFi dongle on the Humax then try moving the dongle to the Humax PVR's front USB port.

Also see our Humax WiFi troubleshooting guide here:

Customer Service


Thanks Dave.

I am using an Ethernet connection - not Wi-Fi. 

I have other devices connected via Ethernet (eg WDTV Live SMP, Sony Blu Ray Player) that do not have an issue with accessing internet content - the Humax is the only device that doesn't seem to want to do it.



Just took delivery of my refurbished 7500T and I cannot get TV Portal to work.  When I try it errors and the box becomes unresponsive to the remote control.  I have tried wired and wireless.  I have reset to factory defaults.  The installed firmware is 1.07.00 and when I try to update it says no software found even though there is newer software available.  I'm starting to think my unit is faulty.  Open to any suggestions.

UPDATE:  Upgrading the software to 1.08.22 fixed the networking and TV Portal issue.