Started by amberfluid, May 02, 2014, 12:34:47 PM

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Hi, I've been a subscriber for years for my TV Guide for Vista MCE but only recently have I tried to use the "interactive" function. Yesterday I downloaded the Android app for my mobile and selected a series to record and today I logged into my account using my desktop and I can see the series I've requested but after starting the interactive software on my computer and allowing it to update and manually updated the guide listings the series is not showing under scheduled, then I realised that visa versa the programs I have already set to record on MCE are not showing on the website. It appears I have no interactivity whatsoever so can someone please advise me how I get MCE, the IceTV website and the Android app to all show the same thing?

Dave at IceTV

Hi Steve,

Your Vista Media Center did fetch the recording schedules at 10:38 today (Sydney time) but I can also see that you created the series long before that. Apart from that everything else looks normal.

1. In IceTV Interactive click on the Configuration tab and check that the "Device" is set to your IceTV device name (Microsoft Windows Vista).
2. Check what "Update Frequency" is set to.
3. In the "Guide Update" section tick both "Update MCE Guide" and "Fix registry keys when changed".
4. Then click on the "Register PC" button and note any status bar messages.
5. Click on the "Fix Now" button and note any status bar messages.
6. Click on the "Test Settings" button and note any status bar messages.
7. Click on the "Update Now" button and note any status bar messages.
8. Now click on the "Event Log" tab and check for any errors in the log.
9. Make sure that the guide,especially for channel nine, has guide data.

Customer Service


Thanks Dave,
there were many errors but the most significant was about my RPC service being unavailable so I checked and found my RPC Locator service was set to manual so I changed it to automatic and rebooted and then at the next update it all worked perfectly.