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Started by Caffinetron, March 21, 2014, 07:07:40 PM

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Hi All,
      Just wanted to ask around here if anyone is having issues with receiving ABC TV? I have a HDR 7500T and for the last couple of weeks ABC has been really sporadic with reception etc. Since moving into this house we have lost the Brisbane channels but i have everything set to local Sunshine Coast QLD. All local channels are ok but when i try to rescan for channels etc to pick up ABC it sometimes gets it but the majority of the time it doesn't pick it up. When it does pickup ABC channels it has them for a day and then loses them again and just displays "Signal weak and unable to display".
Before i get told it is my antennae i plug my Topfield in place of the Humax and it shows ABC no problems. I haven't left the Topfield connected for longer than an hour but i am going to try that this afternoon and through the weekend.
I have been updated with the new software as at 20 February and i have tried factory resetting.
If anyone has any ideas please share as my daughter can't watch Peppa and Bananas on ABC22, haha.
Thanks in advance.


It would seem that the receiver in the Topfield is more sensitive. Perhaps you could try an antenna booster amp.
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Working in Brisbane at the moment and having the same issue with the abc on a strong set top box. Might be worth a call to the abc.


So what's the best way to attack this? I have found that the ABC website says that they are switching over to a new frequency in a month or so, which could mean it is a phase out problem. I might ring a local TV antennae repairman and see if they have found any issues with ABC in recent callouts in the area.

Dave at IceTV

Hi Brad, and anyone else in this situation,

You need to make sure that the Humax has the ABC channels on the new frequency. Compare the frequencies of an ABC channel on the Humax to an ABC channel on the Topfield. If they aren't the same then you should delete all ABC channels off the Humax then do a manual channel search for the frequency that the Topfield is using for ABC.

Or you could just delete all ABC channels on the Humax and do an auto channel search. Then check if it found 2 or more sets of ABC channels. Check the 350+ channel numbers which is where the duplicate channels should end up. Theoretically the 350+ channels should be the weaker ones and the normal channel numbers should be the strongest ones - though it doesn't always work out that way.

Note: Some PVRs put the duplicate channels on 1000+ numbers, while others leave them on the same numbers as the good channels. So with duplicate ABC channels from 2 different frequencies (i.e. 2 different transmitters) a PVR could end up with ABC1 channel numbers like:

2 and 2
2 and 353
2 and 1001

Once you are sure that all of the lower channel numbers are on the correct, stronger, frequency you should delete all TV channels with numbers higher than 99. You can keep the radio channels with the 200+ channel numbers.

If the ABC frequency for channel number 2 is the same on both PVRs then check your antenna cable(s) that go to the Humax. Even though the Topfield picks up ABC okay you could still improve the signal (for the Humax) by changing the cable. Do not use 2 cables joined together, or a male-to-female adaptor. Do not daisy-chain the antenna cable through another device before it gets to the Humax. Also, running the antenna signal through a surge protector board can protect against lightning hitting your antenna and damaging your PVR, but surge protectors deteriorate over time and will eventually cause antenna signal issues. Cheap cables can pickup RF noise from just being near other cables or devices. With really cheap and nasty analogue antenna cables (which are usually thin, white, and have no text on the cable) just touching the cable with your hand can be enough to change the signal quality from 90% to 40%.

Ideally you want just 1 decent quality quad-shielded RG6 coax cable going from the wall socket direct to the Humax.

As a test, remove any cable from the Humax's RF Out, if you have a cable connected there, as this cable can also introduce RF noise into the tuners if it is a cheap cable.

You can verify all of the above tests by using each PVR's built in signal metre.

On a Humax: Go to 'Menu > Settings > System > Signal Detection'
On a Topfield: Press the i button or info button
For anyone with a Beyonwiz: Press the popup button then OK on "Tuner Information'

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According to the Dept of Communications retune data, there are no retunes due for either Brisbane region or Sunshine Coast transmitters until August. The main Mt Coot-Tha transmitters for Brisbane retuned in June 2013, and that retune didn't involve the ABC (SBS and community broadcaster only).
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