Toppy 2460 Firmware updated utube gone?

Started by Sean_S36, December 14, 2013, 04:20:49 PM

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Hello , Just updated the firmware Version April 2013 before setting it all up properly. Before update with Jan. Version I had a utube under the entertainment tab now its gone.
Any ideas why?
Thank you.

Dave at IceTV

Hi Sean,

Topfield moved the Internet services to a new sub-menu called Portal. So in the Entertainment menu you should see Portal at the top of the list.

Note: The first time you access the Portal the Topfield will need to download and install a 'browser' update. Make sure that you have a good network and Internet connection before starting the browser download because if it fails there is no where to download the browser update to do it via USB. You would either need to wait until Topfield releases a newer update or go back to older firmware.

Customer Service


Dave is correct. The (TV) portal is a 20meg download. The installation can miss-fire. I had it happen to me the second 2400 on which I installed it.

As far as I can work out the best thing to do is once the download has completed is to exit 'entertainment' and power down the Toppy. Whatever you do do not try to access the Portal before doing so.

If you get a corrupt installation the only way of fixing it is the downloading of an updated version. I have no idea how often it is updated.

I suggest to Toppro a downloadable installation file should be available to deal with botched installations, but they decided not to do so.

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Thank you gents much appreciated, Naturally the first thing I did was click on portal but an instant error came up , I think it's because my bandwidth has been reduced to 256kbs As Ive downloaded too much this month , so I will wait until the 20th when the bandwidth resets and try again then.
Cheers  :)

BTW ,Thanks Dave for all the helpful Links you emailed me. :)