Simpsons on Demand

Started by Mitch IceGuide, September 08, 2006, 10:44:54 AM

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Mitch IceGuide

Hi All,

Alot of Simpsons' fans out there so letting you know Ch10 are starting to call the 18:00 timeslot 'Simpsons On Demand' as from next week. The idea being, you all contribute to the 'Save Telstra' fund by voting for your fave ep. So, I won't know (and neither will you) what episode to schedule there. A new Program name has been created for this 'vote' show. I have also flagged this as 'repeat' as I doubt they are going to show any new programs without the chance to promote .... and you could hardly vote for an ep you've never seen. So ...... enjoy Ch.10's special surprise. :)