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Started by Mantorok, July 17, 2013, 01:13:43 PM

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Quote from: Heinz on February 02, 2015, 04:09:51 PMIceCube will have a lifetime IceTV subscription bundled in.

5 years ??


Quote from: Heinz on February 02, 2015, 04:09:51 PM
Let me break the silence with great news, as we are excited to announce the manufacture of IceTV's own PVR for March this year.

Thank  you for that

Quote from: Heinz on February 02, 2015, 04:09:51 PM
IceCube will have a lifetime IceTV subscription bundled in.

I may be slow, but I am a bit confused.  If the IceCube will have a lifetime IceTV subscription, then why should we buy a subscription now? (That is, those of us who plan to buy the IceBox)
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Quote from: Heinz on February 02, 2015, 04:09:51 PM
It has three tuners for 6 simultaneous channels, streaming, Freeview+, 1 TB HDD, integrated WiFi and a unique feature that turns IceCube into a "new PVR breed".
"Freeview+" does that mean no skipping of adds and you cannot get recordings off the PVR?  :'(

Regards Gary


According to FreeTV Australia "FreeviewPlus is a new television service delivered via broadband providing a state of the art EPG and seamless access to Catch Up TV across the Freeview networks, with the simple press of a button on the remote control." So access to FreeviewPlus does not require that you use Freview EPG data, and it is access to the data that is conditional on recording being crippled.

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Dave at IceTV

Paul, the IceCube's lifetime IceTV subscription is for the life of the IceCube PVR and is not restricted by a time limit.

Judy, the IceCube's lifetime subscription only supports the IceCube PVR. If you want to use IceTV on other recorders you would still need either a regular 5-device subscription or separate device subscriptions to cover those other recorders.

Gary, the IceCube will definitely include add skipping and the ability to copy recordings off the IceCube. The IceCube will not be FreeviewPlus certified but it will have all of the FreeviewPlus catchup TV features accessed via HbbTV. 

FreeviewPlus will work on the IceCube PVR but it won't have the restrictive Freeview+ certification.

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Hi Dave from IceTV,
  Is there any news on what the supplied EPG will look like.
  Is it similar to or better than JustEPG?


Quote from: snuke on November 10, 2014, 09:46:35 AM
Quote from: Heinz on April 11, 2014, 08:19:55 PM
3) Treat yourself to an IceTV PVR in October from our online store or in November from the top Australian retailers..

Quote from: Heinz on August 11, 2014, 01:34:21 PM
. We've just upgraded again to a higher-end chipset, in order to provide the best user experience with this feature. But every time you change chipsets, you have to port all of the middleware as well. This adds six months every time for consumer quality.

Based on the last two quotes of planned Oct release then a 6 month delay due to new chipset, I guess we move the goal posts to April/May 2015.

Quote from: Heinz on February 02, 2015, 04:09:51 PM
Let me break the silence with great news, as we are excited to announce the manufacture of IceTV's own PVR for March this year. Add some time for shipping and you'll be able to hold "IceCube" in your hands two months after that.

In April, we're going to take advance orders from customers who are subscribed to our mailing list

Well good on me for decoding the final release time correctly.


Quote from: Heinz on February 02, 2015, 04:09:51 PM
We did a focus group with seven Forum contributors all together in the IceTV board room and picked the one that you wanted most.
This is great news - I recall that session and the promise it held - it is going to be interesting to see what makes it into the final product
Can't come a moment too soon as I really need to replace my Beyonwiz soon - look forward to news on availability
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IceTV knows what you DON'T want: TV adverts. This has been made clear from several posts on this forum requesting smarter ad-skip features than are currently available in the marketplace. Now, with the April pre-launch of IceTV's own PVR, we will be ushering in a new era of TV recordings without ads.

With Skippa, our product name for the IceCube project, you can sit back, put the remote control away and skip the ads automatically - without the need to press any buttons. Use the must-have IceTV app to record on Skippa from anywhere. Run rings around catch-up TV with Skippa's built-in IceTV discovery and smart recording features. Use our "Coming Soon" feature to record new shows or preview what's hot with "Ice Picks" before you decide to record. Then watch your favourite shows without ads when it suits you.

Next month we will be taking orders via an offer sent to our mailing list. If you don't receive IceTV's regular newsletter each Monday then that means you're not subscribed to this mailout. We suggest you log in to our website and update your subscription details under My Account. Please also spread the word about Skippa to your family and friends!


Is 'skippa' related to the Altech 9600 triple tuner PVR that has been briefly mentioned as coming soon to IceTV?


Given that "skippa" is so close to launch are we able to see some pictures of the unit and remote.  I'd like to see more details of its features as well as hardware specs like inputs and outputs.  Screenshots of the user interface would be great too.


IceTV's imminent introduction of the UEC 9600Q and 9600T is independent of our Skippa release. The 9600Q/T are UEC products and Skippa is an IceTV product. The UEC products are available now. Skippa ships with skips in May.

When we do our mailshot next month, we'll be sharing technical and visual details for Skippa.

Longer TV ad breaks are just around the corner. Fortunately, so is Skippa!


Quote from: Heinz on March 04, 2015, 02:21:42 PM
... Skippa ships with skips in May. ...
Work on that a bit and you could have a user manual by Dr Suess ;)
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This looks like a great replacement for my recently dead TiVo.
Can I get on the mailing list without purchasing anything or do I have to buy a subscription to the service first?

Dave at IceTV

You can get on the mailing list by downloading our free phone app (for Android, Apple and Windows phones and tablets).

There are links to download the IceTV phone app near the bottom of the IceTV home page:

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