Firmware version 1.08.06

Started by kbosward, June 27, 2013, 03:10:38 PM

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Just noticed on the Humax website there is a new firmware version 1.08.06 for model HDR-7500T/V (version 1.08.05 is for model HDR-7500T).

Version 1.08.06 provides following benefits
- Enable recorded content decrypt copy to usb
- Resolved Quickflix DRM & whole play error
- Resolved IP-OTA function Error (If IP-OTA is failed, retry it again. You can resolve the problem)

Edit: fixed description about version numbers (thanks Dave)


Dave at IceTV

Version 1.08.06 is ONLY for the Humax model HDR-7500T/V

To check if your Humax needs the V variant software go to 'Menu > Setting > System Information'  and note the Software Version and/or Loader Version.

1.08.06 is for HDR-7500T/V which has:
Software Version: AUTFAA 1.xx.xx
Loader Version: a7.8x

1.08.05 is for HDR-7500T which has:
Software Version: UHTFAA 1.xx.xx
Loader Version: a7.5x

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