2 Humax Smart 7500 - play recordings from each other

Started by gazing_south, June 05, 2013, 02:06:54 PM

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I am looking to replace my existing PVR with 2 Humax Smart 7500.
The question I have is whether you can play back a recording made on #1 from #2 and vice versa?


Doctor Whatuwant

Don't see why not. You would not have the encryption issues associated with playing Humax files on other devices so would not have to copy to a USB first. Would just need to be able to see and copy between the hard drives, and copy the group of files associated with each recording. I've not done this so only my best guess.



Gazing_south, do you mean streaming a recording from one Humax to the other, or copying (via network or external media), then playing?

I don't have a Humax, but from the specifications on the IceTV Store for the 7500, it looks like it can be a DNLA client, but not a server (so streaming from one to the other using DLNA would not be possible) (Incorrect. See Dave at IceTV's post below).

Beyonwiz PVRs can stream recordings between themselves (proprietary protocol, though), but don't support DLNA. They can play back media over the network from Windows shares (e.g. on PC or NAS). Unfortunately, they can't play back from Windows shares hosted on Mac OS X Lion (10.7.x) of Mountain Lion (10.8.x) without replacing the Apple SMB server with a free third-party SMB server. A downside is that only the most expensive Beyonwiz model (DP-P2) and the least capable model (DP-H1, single tuner, record only to user-supplied USB HDD) appear to be being sold new now. Other models appear to only be available refurbished.

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Dave at IceTV

Hi GS,

Yes, with 2 Humax HDR7500T PVRs on the same network you can play recordings from one to the other over the network (streaming). The Humax works as both a DLNA server and a DLNA client. So you can have 1 Humax in the loungeroom and a 2nd one in the bedroom and then view the loungeroom recordings from the bedroom or vice versa.

As the Humax uses the DLNA protocol it can play files from other DLNA servers on the network - PC or NAS server etc - and other DLNA clients can play files from the Humax - PC or mobile phone etc. 

You could also copy recordings to a USB HDD and take the HDD to the other Humax and play the recordings off the HDD (no need to copy to the internal HDD).

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Thanks Dave - this is exactly what I want to be able to do.