Help required to FTP into Humax 7500T

Started by thatmetalman, February 06, 2013, 06:49:26 PM

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I have a Humax 7500T connected to my w/less router via Wi-Fi (dongle) and I want to connect to the Humax via FTP to transfer files from the Humax to my iMac for viewing via VLC.

I have the Humax's IP but when I try to FTP in using CyberDuck (FTP software on Mac OS X), I'm prompted for username and password. I've hunted for info and can't find anything.

FTP is enabled on the Humax, btw.

Any help appreciated!

- Tim


Using Windows I was able to connect using ftp. I used username = Humax, password = 0000 (as long as you haven't reset from the default in the Humax). I guess that a mac would be the same.

Doctor Whatuwant

I thought it was username - humaxftp, and password - 0000

You also need to make sure the Humax's IP address is reserved or static in your router. Otherwise the router will periodically try to change it and lose the connection. Another little quirk is that the Humax files are encoded so VLC won't be able to read them. To get around this put a usb thumb drive in the Humax (I have one permanently) and copy the file to the thumb drive using the Humax menu. The file is now un-encoded and you can use FTP to transfer from the thumb drive. You only need copy the .ts file and ignore the other associated files. FTP is veeery slow, an option is to take the thumb drive and plug it in your computer.

Not to mention if the thumb drive is formatted in FAT32 the files will often be too big to fit. Change to NTFS? No worries except the Humax cannot write to NTFS. I had to format the drive in ext3. Sorry not sure how this relates to Mac stuff.

So, you can do FTP or you can smash your head against the wall a few times, I'm not sure which is more satisfying.



My humble apologies - the doctor is right. It's on page 63 of the manual - it is username = HumaxFTP, password = 0000 (or whatever). 

Thanks for the clue about the thumb drive doctor - I'll have to get a big one and try it.

As far as I know ext3 format is for Linux. My old Toppy was linux based and I had to format the external HDD in ext3, then find a converter so I could transfer stuff - pain in the bum.

Doctor Whatuwant

No worries DC. The problem is not so much the drive size as the fact that FAT32 can only manage a maximum file size of 4GB. (or something like that). Utilities that store large files on FAT32 (including Windows) break the files up into chunks to allow for this. The Humax copy function spits out one complete file. Yes I thought ext3 was something to do with Linux, I had to download a utility (EaseUS Partition Master) that would format the drive in ext3 from within Windows. The FTP manager I was using in Windows XP (Free FTP from CoffeeCup Software) could read it no worries. I've now got Windows 8 which has an FTP function and is reading it ok also.

You make a good point though, if you transfer the thumb drive to your computer instead of using FTP you will need something that reads ext3 formatted drives.



Quote from: Doctor Whatuwant on February 07, 2013, 02:16:17 PM
.. Yes I thought ext3 was something to do with Linux, I had to download a utility (EaseUS Partition Master) that would format the drive in ext3 from within Windows. ...
Ext2 (and ext3 and ext4) are native Linux file systems. Many (most?) non-big-name PVRs run Linux (or a variant like uClinux). Not so many use the ext* file systems.
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I seem to recall that Filezilla was a better Mac ftp client than Cyberduck. I had issues with Cyberduck. FTP seems slow whatever you use. If you copy a movie to a thumb drive to decrypt it, it would be faster to just plug that thumb drive into your mac.


For some reason I can't connect. IP is correct; connecting using WiFi via router. Do I need to hard wire to Humax?

I receive this error:

I/O Error: Could not parse response code.
Server Reply:  /media.

I'm using CyberDuck on Mac OSX but that shouldn't bear any relevance.

Appreciate comments thus far...but any help appreciated!

Dave at IceTV

I'm not familiar with CyberDuck, but many FTP clients do not work properly with PVRs like the Humax. FileZilla seems to be one of few that always works with any device.

Some devices do not like it if an FTP client tries to connect more than once at a time, so make sure that CyberDuck or FileZilla is set to only 1 simultaneous connection per server.

Customer Service


Can anyone explain how to get access to the Humax HDR7500T via FTP?  I have contacted Humax support in Australia and just get the same response "files will be encrypted due to copyright"

I need to know the following:

1. Correct username and password for FTP as it is not in my manual?
2. Best FTP program to use on a Windows 7 machine to connect to the Humax?
3. Does the HDR7500T need to be fully powered on or can you connect to it in Standby?
4. Any special settings that I need to set in FTP software or my router as it is all on my home local network?

Hoping you can help.