New HUMAX user few questions: Humax reading content from DLNA SLOW, FTP, Files

Started by Dwarfboysim, March 20, 2013, 08:06:10 AM

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Hi all,
I have recently purchased the Humax HDR7500T 1TB and have a few questions I am hoping someone can assist with. 

1. I have my router running as a DLNA server with an external 1TB drive attached to it.  When accessing content from the DLNA server I get a very slow response in folders with pictures.  When I go to run a slide show or cycle through the pictures it can take 30 seconds to 1-2 minutes to display the next picture.  Also when viewing some mp4 video files some play almost immediately others sit on a screen that says Processing for 1-2 minutes then start playing.  I have tried the same content pics and video on my iphone via the DLNA server and they play almost immediately and I can cycle through the pictures quickly and easily with no lag.

2. Can anyone confirm what the correct FTP username and password should be for Ftp'ing from the device as it is not in my manual and what settings need to be in the FTP Software.  I am using Filezilla.  Have contacted Humax tech support and just get the response that currently if I FTP files from the unit they will be encrypted.

3. Can the unit do playlists for music files?

4. One last question is there any way to copy content to the unit via your network.  eg: Pictures and Music or do I need to put all of it onto a USB drive and manually connect it to the unit to copy it?




I can't answer all your questions, but when I used DLNA it was very slow - I believe this is normal from other posts. I suspect the processor in the Humax is not very fast.

The ftp name and password are "HumaxFTP" and default "0000" - it's on page 63 of the manual (easy to miss).

I haven't tried either of the last two, but I would expect that you could copy almost any file into the HDD via ftp - whether the Humax would use them is another story.