Timers for Win 7 Recordings not displayed on website

Started by loungelizard, January 29, 2013, 11:08:13 PM

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Have been using Ice for several years for Topfield 7100 and TV Scheduler Pro and am a big fan, but only just started with Win 7 Media Centre - mainly to be able to schedule recordings remotely using website or Android App.  Have searched for similar issues but couldn't find anything - apologies if I missed something.

If I schedule a recording via the website for the Win 7 recorder, the website never shows it as being scheduled - even a day or two later - yet the  new schedule is found OK by Ice Interactive on its next fetch.  I can see the schedule on the Android App once its refreshed its view of the world.  Is this normal behaviour?  Not a problem when I'm at home as I can verify it all, but would be nice to be able to see it marked on the website when scheduling remotely.  Scheduling a recording for the Topfield works fine, and is shown as queued straight away.

Can schedule a Win 7 recording fine from the Android App, but once scheduled it then shows the program twice in both TV Guide and My Week, but if its only scheduled for the Topfield, it only shows once.  Is that expected behaviour?
Topfield 7100, Win 7 Media Centre